Just discovered this gem on Twitter today.

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Breakfast of Champions, Dan Martensen

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Stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love.


pls watch this

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This is honestly my life

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Korean artist Do Ho Suh’s colorfully transparent replication of his NYC apartment, on display at the Contemporary Austin until January 11, 2015, marks the end of his Home series.

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  • iphone user: *minding his own business*
  • android user: AHH look what we got here, another Apple Fanboy!
  • iphone user: im not really a fanboy
  • android user: let me guess, you just came back from snapchatting steve jobs's grave
  • iphone user: hey man thats in poor taste
  • android user: good luck getting your $300 jizz box to do what my Samsung G4TMX can *pulls out very large phone*
  • iphone user: it's quite large
  • Android user: you should see the stylus. it's a legit pencil! *tries to grab stylus, drops massive phone, it falls and lands on a chipmunk, breaking its neck*
  • iphone user: oh my god!
  • android user: oh my god is right! *picks up samsung* not a scratch on it. now thats some good engineering

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by Arina Pozdnyak

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when u get done with work and ur like im free….and then u remember ur never free from the ironclad chains of society

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britney explains things like no other

she has such a way with words

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